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Q. 1) What is Airtel VOD?

Airtel VOD is a Streaming service to bring high quality TV / VOD environment exclusive to Airtel Subscribers. The service is currently offering 12 channels available in different packages that range from Daily Pack, Weekly Pack and Monthly Pack. Users can choose their favorite channels from Channel bouquets. The service covers channels of different genres in categories like Entertainment, Sports, Music, Humor,Health, Lifestyle etc.

Q. 2) Which are the different Packages available?

You can choose from Different packages:

•Daily Pack – If you have subscribed for daily pack then you can watch total 30 minutes videos for 2 days from any channel.
• Weekly Pack - If you have subscribed for weekly pack then you can watch total 90 minutes videos for 7 days from any channel.
• Monthly Pack - If you have subscribed for monthly pack then you can watch total 250 minutes videos for 30 days from any channel.

Q. 3) How many channels are available in this service?

There are 13 channels in this service which are listed as below:

10. DJ TV
11. GrabNaija
12. NollyFlip
13. La Liga TV

Q. 4) What is the cost of Different Subscription Packages?

1) Daily Pack
• Subscription Charges N50 (All inclusive)
• Subscription Duration 2 days-30 Mins

2) Weekly Pack
• Subscription Charges N150 (All inclusive)
• Subscription Duration 7 Days- 90 Mins

3) Monthly Pack
• Subscription Charges N400 (All inclusive)
• Subscription Duration 30 Days- 250 Mins

Q. 5) How do I access the service?

The service can be accessed through:

a) Through URL – You can access the service by simply opening the URL - on mobile.The service will be available on clicking the above link.

Q. 6) Are you giving any special benefit to new user?

Yes! New Users are given free videos. A new user can watch 2 videos per channel from "free videos" if he has not subscribed any pack.

Q. 7) Can I watch videos if I am not subscribed?

Yes, In case, you are not subscribed to any plan, only 2 videos from each channel can be watched from "free videos" as stated above. Once done, a popup will be displayed asking the user to subscribe to be able to watch more videos.

Q. 8) If I have subscribed the plan, will I able to watch free videos?

Yes! In case, you have subscribed the pack but you did not watch your free videos (2 videos per channel), you still can watch them for free!.

Q. 9) How can I subscribe the plan?

1) You can subscribe directly through “PLANS” page which is on the footer.

2) Go to My Subscription. Click “Subscribe now for videos”. List of plans will be displayed. Choose daily or weekly or monthly plan as per your choice.

Q. 10) Will I be able to watch videos as soon as I subscribe?

When you subscribe, A message will display " Your subscription is being activated. Please wait for some time". You can start enjoying the service within 30 minutes from the time of Subscription request.

Q. 11) What if I have utilized my pack fully or watched all my minutes and I want to watch more videos?

You will get a popup "upgrade your minutes of usage" in your current pack. Click "upgrade" and follow the instructions.

Q.12)How do I upgrade my pack if I want to watch more videos?

Click on "upgrade" pop-up. You will be directed to a page having options to Re-subscribe OR "Choose from other plans" You can proceed as per your choice.

Q.13) In a subscribed plan, how much videos can be watched?

You can watch as many videos as you have minutes in your subscribed pack. For example- If you are daily pack subscriber then you can watch videos accounting to 30 minutes from any channel. If you are weekly subscriber then 90 min and if monthly then 250 min.

Q.14) How would I know, how many minutes I have left to watch more videos?

In 'My Account" there are all the details of your subscribed plan and remaining minutes.

Q.15) What if I have less minutes and I watch more minutes videos? will that be charged?

You will not be able to watch more minutes video in this case until you upgrade the pack.

Q.16) How many times a video can be watched?

A video can be watched total 3 times. This applies to free videos and subscribed videos both.

Q.17)What if I watch a video more than 3 times?

If you have watched the same video more than three times, watching 4th time will be considered as fresh video and your minutes will get reduced.

Q.18) How do I renew my Subscription?

The Pack will be auto-renewed automatically once the time of renewal has come or The Pack will be auto-renewed at expiry. However, In case your current pack is active and you and you want to subscribe another plan, then click 'Upgrade" button and follow the instructions. If you wish to unsubscribe then go to “My Subscription“ and click “TO UNSUBSCRIBE CLICK HERE”.

Q.19) Is the AIRTEL VOD available to all Airtel subscribers?

Yes the service is open to all Prepaid & Postpaid subscribers of AIRTEL NIGERIA. To avail this service you need to have an internet enabled phone and Network coverage (3G/2G/Edge)

Q.20) What all are the supported devices for Airtel VOD?

The service suits all phone models from feature phones to Smartphones (Android, Apple, JAVA) and iPad/Tablets. The service has a portal framework which adapts to various screen sizes.

Q.21) is the service compatible with all Handsets?

Yes the service is compatible with all Video capable handsets and cellular devices. It supports Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE and other popular web browsers.

Q.22)Is the Preview for Channels available?

Yes, you will get 2 free Videos per channel in "free videos" for Preview if you are a new user and have not subscribed for any pack yet.

Q.23) Can I have multiple packs?

No, you can have only one pack at one time as per your choice. Allowed Packs are as under:
• Daily Pack for 2 days-30 Mins
• Weekly Pack for 7 Days- 90 Mins
• Monthly Pack for 30 Days- 250 Mins

Q.24) How can I see details about the pack which I have subscribed for?

Go to “My subscription “. Here you can watch the full details for the subscribed pack. In “My Account” section too, full details can be seen easily.